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The number of lonely people increases. Why is it like that, people do not give a think to it. But when the problem of 'lonesomeness' touches the person himself, this feeling is not quite pleasant, frankly speaking. How to 'enslave' the 'lonesomeness', how to be interesting for a girl when you meet her, where to look for your love, how not to give up fighting for love, and finally, how to marry ukrainian woman.

My personal recommendation of scam free dating site.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To all men who think about to find wife online.

I can only recommend us the wonderfil site -, and coming on a trip. I went to Donetsk and IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER (I hope)!!! I met the lady I had been writing to for a year and we had four incredible meetings in four days. Now I know my search for my second half is finished because she is that one!!! However, guys, prepare well for your trip!!!

Don't have expectations, have a good correspondence beforehand, as you can expect to just turn it up and expect to meet the special one! Remember also that the lady has a whole life in Ukraine. She will have work or the other commitments. Be understanding or this show support to her and you will find maybe your love too!

Learn about the country but don't worry about the language my translator Marina was not only an excellent translator but a fantastic guide. If you can learn some phrases do so, it can go a long way! I had five great days in Donetsk. I believe I have found my second half!!! I will go back again and again to see my lady.