UaDreams doesn't use scams techniques to prove hopes of our customers

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The number of lonely people increases. Why is it like that, people do not give a think to it. But when the problem of 'lonesomeness' touches the person himself, this feeling is not quite pleasant, frankly speaking. How to 'enslave' the 'lonesomeness', how to be interesting for a girl when you meet her, where to look for your love, how not to give up fighting for love, and finally, how to marry ukrainian woman.

UaDreams doesn't use scams techniques to prove hopes of our customers

Friday, February 22, 2013

We state that we are honest agency and all the ladies are real on the site! You can be sure about it. If you don’t believe us ask your lady to send you a recent picture or order a phone talk through the agency with your lady or video conference. Be polite and don’t tell your lady straight away that you don’t trust her and the agency and wants evidences that she’s real? She can get offended. Unfortunately we had such cases and the ladies just refused from correspondence with such men.

We've been in business for 10 years already and wouldn't last that long if we were a fraud agency.

We do not take responsibility on the fraud you can run into other match making agencies. We do screen all the ladies on our site and fight with fraud and scam.

We don't sell neither let our customers to exchange personal information till their first meeting. We do it following Antiscam program. This way we protect our ladies from being scammed or abused and what is more important we protect our valuable male customers from being scammed.

For example you'll exchange with the lady emails or tel numbers and she'll extract money from you! Then you'll say that our agency is scam! We don't want to take this responsibility. We also used to have cases when foreign men were pursuing our ladies having their tel numbers and address. And the ladies left the agency as they were very much disappointed with us.

To get the lady's personal info you need to meet with her in Ukraine. If you like each other it's your right to exchange personal information and communicate with your lady without our help.
So corresponding through our agency the lady doesn't have any chances to get money from men as we do not allow ladies to ask for any kind of financial help or even give a hint about it.

Besides we have a lot of married and engaged couples that met through our agency. We have a lot of clients who wrote testimonials after visiting their ladies through our site.