UaDreams staff doesn't write letters for ladies

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The number of lonely people increases. Why is it like that, people do not give a think to it. But when the problem of 'lonesomeness' touches the person himself, this feeling is not quite pleasant, frankly speaking. How to 'enslave' the 'lonesomeness', how to be interesting for a girl when you meet her, where to look for your love, how not to give up fighting for love, and finally, how to marry ukrainian woman.

UaDreams staff doesn't write letters for ladies

Friday, February 15, 2013

All the letters are real! We do screen our translators and our managers on this important matter. If any of the translators ever did it before they were simply fired for breaking the agency rules and ruining our reputation.

Do you have any evidences of this happening in UaDreams? If yes please give us the facts and more information about such cases and we will investigate this matter and punish or even fire the translator who does it. We are doing everything for honest reputation of our agency. And we are thankful to those customers who help us to reveal such fraud cases. As a responsible company we want to have our reputation clean right from the beginning and achieve a good score.

If you don’t believe us ask your lady to send you a recent picture or order a phone talk through the agency with your lady. Be polite and don’t tell your lady straight away that you don’t trust her and the agency and wants evidences that she’s real? She can get offended. Unfortunately we had such cases and the ladies just refused from correspondence with such men.

We also read antiscam sites and are aware of those things that are written by some men. We can declare that the majority of the things they state there are not based on reasonable evidences. Anyone can join antiscam site and write whatever he wants!

The majority of the men there have never come to Ukraine with our help to meet the ladies. They even didn’t have any long correspondence with anyone on our site as they don’t want to pay for our services and want everything for free!

We hope you are satisfied with our answer and will use our services in the future.

Best regards,

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